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Welcome to our Music page! On this page you canĀ find downloads as well as order physical copies of our CD’s through our distribution channels.

Bring it Home

Released June 10, 2016, Bring it Home is a collection of 10 songs that were wrote following the release of our debut album Muddy Water (2015) specifically focused on the events leading up to and including our visit to Memphis, TN for the 2016 International Blues Challenge.

Downloads are available on our Bandcamp Page.


Muddy Water

Released on June 16th 2015 Muddy Water contains 7 full length tracks that showcase the band’s diversity within musical genres. From the Pop / Reggae feel of Messed Up Your Good Thing to the Funk flavor of the title track, Muddy Water, this album weaves from Blues and Country to the Gospel jams and Roots Rock without missing a beat.

Downloads are available on our Bandcamp Page.


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